Príncipe Pio Shopping Centre

Ownership: RIOFISA
Construction company: ERALAN
Manager: Mr Francisco Sanz
Architect: Mr Fernando Sánchez de las Matas

The Príncipe Pío Shopping Centre is very close to Plaza de España or the Royal Palace, and five minutes from Madrid Río. Inaugurated in 2004, it is in an historical building of interest such as the old Estación de Trenes del Norte train station, built in the 19th century.

It opens every day of the year and has a comprehensive fashion and leisure offering, with over 90 shops and restaurants.

Here, we installed several panoramic lifts, 3 goods lifts for internal use and 2 loading platforms that communicate the interior of the Zara and H&M stores (both distributed on two levels).

The complex is structured into three floors above ground level and another three below ground level as a car park. All of them have been connected thanks to FAIN escalators.