Reina Sofía Museum

Architects: José de Hermosilla, Francisco Sabatini and Jean Nouvel
Construction company: U.T.E. DACARS

You have surely visited the Reina Sofía Museum at least once. Together with the team of Elevadores Jarre, we were lucky and had the pleasure of installing the following there:

– Three panoramic lifts in each of its two glass towers. They are high-speed lifts that reach 1.6 m/s, with a load of 1,500 kg and capacity for 20 people. They are equipped with a climate system and a speed regulator.

– A goods lift capable of bearing up to 5,000 kg, used for transporting works of art. It was manufactured especially to transport Guernica.

– Doors and central automatic doors with 6 leaves and 180º double boarding. It is equipped with a 20-ton counterweight.

– A 1,500 kg service lift with a stainless steel cabin and capacity for 20 people.

Between 2001 and 2005, FAIN collaborated throughout the entire extension works of the Reina Sofía Museum.

The new facilities, designed by Jean Nouvel, include a spectacular library in Jatoba wood, with one hundred reading stations and the capacity to store 250,000 volumes; two unique auditoriums; a cafeteria-restaurant; and two new temporary exhibition halls. All of them exquisitely coexist with the original building.

Specifically, we installed 8 electric panoramic lifts (temporary exhibitions), 1 hydraulic panoramic lift (library), 1 escalator, 2 goods lifts, 8 small goods lifts for books and several platforms.