La Fe Hospital in Valencia

Architects: Ramon Esteve and Alfonso Casares

Between November 2010 and February 2011, La Fe Hospital was moved to new facilities in the south of the city. The relocation represented the largest and most complex logistics operation carried out at that point within the Spanish healthcare sector due to the size of its infrastructure, its staff and the number and severity of the patients required transporting.

Hospital Universitari i Politècnic la Fe in Valencia, popularly known as La Nueva Fe (to differentiate it from the old hospital complex) has a built area of more than 260,000 m2, that has 16,000 m2 more than the former hospital.

There are three common floors in the assistance building, over which six towers rise: four are used for hospitalisation and two for outpatient care consultations. In addition, two separate constructions have been added to the main building: one located in the north, the Research Institute, and another in the south, destined to administration and teaching.

At FAIN we are especially proud to have participated in such a large project, installing and maintaining 2 escalators and more than 50 ELENESSA lifts that transport thousands of people every hour.