Rey Juan Carlos Hospital

Architect: D. Rafael de la Hoz
Ownership: Department of Health of the Community of Madrid
Managing entity: Capio Sanidad
Construction company: OHL

The Rey Juan Carlos University Hospital, located in Madrid, Móstoles, has been a benchmark in Spanish Public Health since its inauguration in 2012.

It was designed to offer public, universal, personal and effective assistance to nearly 180,000 citizens from almost twenty cities/towns, such as Móstoles, Navalcarnero, San Martín de ValdeIglesias, Sevilla La Nueva or Villaviciosa de Odón.

In this context, both the architecture team in charge of the project and the construction company trusted in FAIN-Mitsubishi’s technology and commissioned us to install an extensive catalogue of lifts and stretcher lifts that enable the transportation of medical staff, patients and the general public.

All of them have been manufactured to move large loads and cover any journey in less than 1 minute. In addition, they have autonomy in the event of a power outage.