Who We Are

We are a leading company in the vertical transport sector, 100% Spanish.
We are present in all areas of people's lives: residential, commercial, labour and leisure.
We want to transform our service vocation into a sum of shared experiences. Can you help us?


Customers are our raison d'etre. And our employees, our most visible face. We work every day to deserve their confidence, with three strategic goals:


Being the best company to work for, mentioned by its own workers.


Being the best service company.


Growing profitably.


Our values

Our values define our nature as a company, and all the people that make up FAIN share them. There are three main pillars that support the FAIN brand:

It arises from our determination, commitment, increasing growth and our desire for success since always... and for the future. Everyone at FAIN is noted for working with full devotion, commitment and dedication.

We approach projects of any scale and dimension with the same desire and enthusiasm. Our staff is noted for its ability to listen and respond, for its decisive spirit at all costs and for being able to adapt to each customer, their needs and circumstances.

FAIN has decades of accumulated experience and expertise. In addition, our partnership with Mitsubishi provides us with cutting-edge technology and the capacity to engage in large-scale projects. We have initiated our international expansion, thus gaining further experience, talent and new competences.

Our history

At FAIN, we have been over 60 years striving to provide you the best service. These are the main milestones in our adventure:


FAINASA's inception, resulting from the spin-off of Ascensores Mediavilla (AMESA).


Change of trade name to the current one: FAIN ASCENSORES.


Opening of our headquarters in Doctor Esquerdo in Madrid, the first commercial office in the sector focusing on customer services.


Expansion begins in Spain by opening offices in Santander.


Purchase of 2100 JARRE lifts, which involves our establishment in Ávila and access to special systems and highly renowned buildings.
Signing of the commercial agreement with Mitsubishi, which governs the exclusive distribution of their product in Spain and Portugal.
The manufacturing of FAIN ASCENSORES' control boxes with our own technology is initiated.


The expansion continues nationwide (Murcia and Almería), and the first lift is installed in a large shopping centre (Opción in Madrid).


Opening of the Catalonia and Valencia branches. In Valencia we install all the lifts in the largest hospital centre in Europe, La Fe.
FCC awards us the assembly of our first installation of Mitsubishi medium-speed lifts in Torre Garena in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).


Established in Malaga.


Established in Granada and Cádiz.


FCC awards us the Fira Towers contract in Barcelona, involving high-speed systems that travel at 4 metres per second, the fastest in Catalonia.
Established in Gibraltar.
A record 1,850 lifts are installed in the New Construction department.


Established in Seville and Huelva.
Implementation and commissioning of the SAP management system.


Established in Alicante.
Established in Salamanca.
We reach the figure of 30,000 satisfied customers in our maintenance portfolio.


Established in Bilbao.


Established in Córdoba.


Established in France by purchasing three local companies.


Established in the Canary Islands and Extremadura.


Established in Belgium by purchasing a local company.


Launch of ION.
Diversification towards charging points for electric cars, solar panels and electricity supply.


Established in Navarra.
Opening of a new location in Paris for FAIN France.


Implementation of SalesForce.
Birth of FAIN Puertas
Established in Ireland and Switzerland


Establishment in Galicia.
We continue to grow in Belgium with the incorporation of DeLift into the group, providing services in the East Flanders region.


Establishment in Burgos and Asturias.
We continue to grow in Galicia, providing coverage in Vigo, A Coruña and Lugo.

We fulfil our commitments

We are #CommitedToYou for 10 reasons:

We work with the target of Zero Accidents.

We come to your rescue in less than 30 minutes.

in less than 2 hours.

We are the genuine multi-brand expert.

We want you to understand what you purchase.

We respond to your complaints in less than 24 hours.

We are committed to a fluid and direct communication. As a FAIN customer, you will have access to anyone in the team at any time, including the Managing Director.

Times change, and we evolve with them. We reinvest 12% of our annual profit in innovation.

Our products are increasingly environmentally friendly. Because we care about the world we live in.

We want to make FAIN the best place to work. Here, 98% of our employees have a permanent contract.

NFIS Reports

In 2018 we first drafted the company's Non-Financial Information Statement (NFIS).

Integrated Management System

FAIN ASCENSORES is committed to quality, safety and respect for the environment as a work philosophy. To accredit this commitment, it is the will of FAIN's management to maintain compliance with the requirements of the different standards and guidelines that may be applicable in its field of action.

Quality certificates

The maintenance of the certificates corroborates the commitment of all FAIN staff to excellence in work and continuous improvement of service to our customers.

Implementation date : Oct-10
Standard / Guideline of application: OHSAS 18001:2007
Scope: Design, assembly and maintenance, final inspection and testing of lifts. installation and maintenance of moving walkways, ramps and escalators.

Date of implementation : May-00
Standard / Directive of application:DIRECTIVE 2014/33/UE D -> scope of directive 2014/33/UE.

Implementation date : Feb-05
Standard / Guideline of application:ISO 14001:2015
Scope: Design, assembly and maintenance, final control and testing of lifts. installation and maintenance of moving walkways, ramps and escalators.

Implementation date : Jun-98
Standard / Guideline of application: ISO 9001:2015
Scope: Design, assembly and maintenance, final inspection and testing of lifts. installation and maintenance of moving walkways, ramps and escalators.

We have the certificates of classification as a State contractor issued by the Administrative Contracting Advisory Board of the Ministry of Economy and Finance that allow us to participate in public tenders with no financial limit, as we have been awarded the highest category in the assembly and maintenance of elevators and escalators.
J-01-E: Works contractor for mechanical elevator or conveyor installations.
P-07-D: Maintenance and repair of lifting and horizontal translation devices.