Elevator Replacement - Do you know how old your system is?

There are thousands of lifts that have been running for 20, 30 and up to 40 years in Spain. If your system breaks down frequently and you are always waiting for spare parts, it is most likely the time to replace it.

Total renovation

Elevators are means of transportation that we use every day, and the wear and tear caused by regular use affects their performance and efficiency. That is why it is necessary to carry out a total or partial renovation of elevators from time to time and depending on the case. Specifically, the average useful life is around 20-25 years, at which time it is recommended to change the elevator.

The most obvious sign that raises the alarm and reveals the need to renovate the elevator is when a team of more than 20 years old begins to suffer constant breakdowns, whose repairs are increasingly expensive and They take longer and longer times. Spare parts for equipment that have not been produced for more than 10 years are discontinued, this makes repairs very difficult to carry out and, sometimes, they are not as perfect as one might expect.

If your equipment spends more time standing still than running, we recommend evaluating a complete elevator replacement. Remember that elevator renovation or total replacement has multiple benefits: more safety, fewer breakdowns (and less costs), new features, greater energy efficiency, more smoothness, quieter operation, and superior finishes, more contemporary, adapted to the new times.


Enjoy a new lift

On average, a car in Spain has a life of 15 years, and yet we expect our lift (a means of transport we use every day) to continue to operate smoothly with twice as many years.
A lift is a machine and thus it deteriorates.
Spare parts for systems that have not been manufactured for over 10 years are discontinued, and on many occasions this makes repairs very difficult to carry out and are not always as perfect as you might expect.
If your system spends more time broken down than working, we recommend that you consider a complete replacement.


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  • All the above +...
  • 100% solar energy

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