Reduce lift power consumption

If you want to save on your community of owners' electricity bill, it is important to take into account that lifts (along with boilers) are one of the highest-energy consuming elements, but the good news is that we can improve its efficiency and as a result spend less. We'll tell you how, because a lift with lower energy consumption is possible!

Reduce consumption

The consumption of lifts represents a large percentage of a community of owners’ expenses. The lift, together with the boiler, is the system that most energy consumes. Fortunately, an efficient installation and use, in conjunction with different systems and elements, can significantly reduce a lift’s consumption. At FAIN we invite you to choose an efficient lighting system and replace conventional cabin luminaires with LED models, which consume 75% less energy and have a much longer useful life. In addition, your lift’s consumption will drop if it features the ‘Stand-by mode’, which turns off its main elements when the system is not in use (for example, at night). Having a gearless machine with permanent magnets, a variable frequency drive, automatic lubricators or energy regeneration systems are other key aspects that should be considered so the lift’s consumption does not skyrocket. Try them out!

Gearless machine with permanent magnets

Less consumption and less deterioration. The compact and highly durable design of these systems provide them a high level of energy efficiency.
In addition, there is a bonus in sustainability: it does not use any lubrication to work, which is why (compared to conventional systems) it is especially environmentally friendly

Variable frequency drive

This element modifies the current received by the lift with the aim of optimising it, achieving electricity consumption reductions that can reach up to 25% (in two-speed lifts) and improving travel comfort

Automatic lubricator

This lubrication system has a refillable tank that constantly lubricates the cabin roller guides, reducing friction and achieving greater energy savings. As easy as that!
In addition: you will achieve a quieter lift and extend the service life of the roller guides

Stand-by system

How many times have you heard ""turn off the light when you leave""?
Well, we apply the same logic to your lift. If the lift is not called within a preset time (configurable according to your needs), the lights and ventilation system will be disconnected, which can reduce the cabin light's energy consumption up to 80%.

LED lights

Just like inside your home, replacing cabin lights with LED lights (low consumption) will help you save on the electricity bill

Energy regeneration systems

We can incorporate a storage system that stores the energy generated by the lift's motor when it goes down loaded or up empty. This energy stored in batteries will supply the lift in other journeys.


La alternativa más ecológica: ION SOLAR

La mejor opción para reducir el consumo y el impacto de tu ascensor es sustituir tu equipo actual por ION Solar un ascensor que funciona al 100% con energía renovable procedente de placas solares.

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