Minimise the risk of contagion using a lift

Travel again with peace of mind
Preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria has become a basic necessity in 2020, which is why FAIN is offering a series of measures

Minimise the risk of contagion

UV-C disinfection for lifts

UV-C light has been proven to effectively disinfect surfaces, eliminating 99% of viruses and bacteria -with the correct power and exposure time-. It is also true that this type of light can be harmful to humans, which is why our systems feature a double presence detector that prevents its use when the cabin is occupied. This measure is compatible with all types of system. en laboratorios independientes, obteniendo certificados de conformidad con la normativa europea.

UV-C disinfection for handrails

"Escalator handrails also pose a risk of spreading viruses.
FAIN offers a high-power and easy-to-install system inside handrails, which has no direct impact on people and, therefore, is free of health risks. In just 2 complete passes it is able to eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria."

Control reprogramming

Limiting occupation is key to reducing the risk of contagion. Avoid your lift making intermediate stops and travel alone in the cabin to your destination, whichever the brand or model.


Gesture control

Avoid contact with exterior callers by installing our gesture control system; by just passing your hand up or down in front of it, you will be indicating the lift the direction you want to go. It can be installed in any type of lift. We recommend incorporating it together with the UV light system to ensure the disinfection of the interior button panels.

Call from your mobile phone

Our new On-Call service! It allows you to conveniently call the lift from your mobile phone without contact. We are working on making it compatible with as many systems as possible; ask about compatibility

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Disinfection with virucide

Have there been any COVID cases in your building? For a complete and in-depth disinfection, we recommend spraying a mist of virucide capable of reaching every part of the system.

Automatic doors

Given the persistence of viruses and bacteria on surfaces, limiting the number of these involving contact in our buildings is key to minimising the spread. By replacing manual or semi-automatic doors with automatic doors, we avoid contact and achieve improvements in terms of accessibility, aesthetics and safety.