Safety in lifts

Add lift safety measures and elements to your system
Regardless of your lift's age, you can add the same safety measures as those featured in new systems. We'll tell you which ones they are!

Improve safety

At FAIN we aim to improve the quality of life of people. And ensuring safety in lifts and goods lifts has become our main responsibility. They are the most used means of transport!

Automatic doors, infrared barriers, ceiling drop prevention kit, remote alarm systems… These are some of the specific systems and elements that we can incorporate to maximise the safety of your lift and prevent accidents.

We have a whole range of solutions to upgrade or replace your installation and adapt it to current regulations. Our technicians are experts and available 24/7 to resolve any incident in the operation or safety of your lift.

Specifically, we arrive at lift entrapments in less than 30 minutes and at malfunction notifications in less than 2 hours, and of course, we do not leave lifts out of service for more than 24 hours due to causes attributable to FAIN. For us, safety in lifts is vital, as it guarantees the safety of users and our technicians. Remember that we work with the target of Zero Accidents!.

Ceiling drop prevention kit

"Have you ever transported an overly large piece of furniture in a lift? When doing this, it is quite common to move the lift's suspended ceiling. This, and the vibrations that occur when the system is moving can make the ceiling detach, causing a risk for users.
Although these anchors are not required generally by law, for example, they are mandatory in the Autonomous Region of Madrid; therefore, it would not be surprising that they become compulsory nationwide, especially considering this solution's low cost and high impact."

Infrared barriers

These devices, designed against an unexpected closing of doors, help us avoid accidents caused by unexpected impacts. Their capacity for detection is higher than light-sensitive cells, and they cover the entire frame, which helps detect children, the elderly and pets

Variable frequency drive

Variable frequency drives allow us to control the motor's speed and acceleration, and as a result, the system's starts, stops and journeys are gentler and more precise, avoiding a misalignment between the lift and floor. In addition, these systems help detect any malfunctions, as inputs and outputs can be programmed.

Automatic doors

In addition to being a key improvement to the accessibility and comfort of all users, we will avoid unnecessary impacts and accidents due to open doors when the cabin is not in position and we will increase the system's operating hours, as manual doors are responsible for most of the malfunction notifications we receive: they stagger, become misadjusted and the system stops for precautionary reasons

Remote alarm systems

A two-way communication system connected to a support centre is key to ensuring the well-being of users in the event of an emergency. Our digital emergency line (installation-free system) guarantees coverage beyond that which is required by law, and it allows us to meet one of our 10 quality commitments --> if you are trapped in the lift, we will rescue you in less than 30'!

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Load weigher

Lifts cannot handle everything, even if sometimes it seems like they can. This system will warn us when our lift's weight limit has been reached. This does not only help avoid breakdowns due to overloading the system, but it also guarantees that we travel more safely.

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