Goods Lift - Elevation in the industrial sector

Do you want to be more efficient with work? Go for a goods lift and industrial elevation! Their use is widespread as industrial goods lift in some sectors, although heavy goods lift and small goods lift are also used in the hospitality industry, stores, small businesses and even in homes, depending on what you're looking for: internal or external goods lift, since we are experts for both.

A forklift is a vertical transport system used in companies to move heavy merchandise from one floor to another.

Freight elevators are very versatile installations; They are used especially at an industrial level (construction forklifts), although they are also used in hotels, shops, small businesses and even in homes.

Forklifts are the perfect option to save time, as they make work easier and faster. In addition: they help prevent employee injuries, preventing them from making unnecessary overexertion. By their nature, they are very resistant devices, since they have to adapt to very heavy materials and possible blows.

In general, forklifts offer good value for money. As in the rest of our products, at FAIN we offer customized forklift designs that fit the needs of our customers.

Goods lift: The most resilient systems

These large lifts are used for transporting bulky or heavy goods from one floor to another.

Designed for intensive use, goods lifts are very resilient systems that adapt to the heavy goods and possible impacts. It is not without reason that their doors, button panels and other elements offer extensive guarantees of reliability and durability.


What about the price?

Due to the wide variety of possible configurations, the price of a goods lift varies according to the dimensions, load capacity, height to be covered, stops, etc.

At FAIN we adapt to your needs. Tell us about them!