Lifting Platforms - Whatever you need in terms of elevation

We have a solution for you. At FAIN we adapt and offer you a tailor-made project.

At FAIN we offer a wide variety of lifting solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients. From custom lifts to other types of platforms that vary depending on the type of purpose of the building, the brand, the range and much more. We have offices in most of the main municipalities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Gijón and many more), so you can contact us online or go directly to any of our delegations.

As you will see below, the range of customized and personalized elevators and other solutions is practically complete, designed for residential buildings, offices, hospitals or even restaurants, without forgetting other Platforms such as car lifts, designed to transport objects that are much heavier than usual. Discover more below by clicking on the product that best suits what you are looking for.

From panoramic, glass or round elevators, to elevators with a machine room, service lifts, stretcher lifts, dumbwaiters or the aforementioned car lifts. But also customized single-family elevators, hydraulic and electric elevators and much more. In either case, we carry out the installation and take care of the maintenance of all your devices and lifting platforms