NexWay, Mitsubishi High-Speed Lifts

A system designed to maintain the cities' pace of vertical growth.

Towers and high-rise buildings

NexWay is a unique high-speed product, reaching 4 metres per second. Ideal for high-rise buildings, this lift guarantees high levels of safety and comfort for passengers and can be customised to be installed in office buildings, hotels and shopping centres. Not surprisingly, this lift model has been installed in many of the world's tallest buildings. In Spain you will find it in places as iconic as the W Hotel or Fira Towers in Barcelona.

In addition, recent models save space and are more sophisticated than ever.

# Nexway Nexway-S Nexiez-MR Nexiez-MRL
1 Load 3000 Kg 1.350 Kg 1.350 Kg 1.600 Kg
2 Speed 10 m/s 3 m/s 2,5 m/s 2,5 m/s
3 Travel 250 m 150 m 120 m 80 m
4 Stops 64 50 36 30
5 No machine room

The secret: good maintenance

Mitsubishi equipment is extremely delicate, so its maintenance cannot be left to just anyone. Count on FAIN in that task! Our technicians are permanently trained by Mitsubishi and have access to the brand's original parts.

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