Mitsubishi Premium Lifts

The tallest buildings in the world have these elevator models.

If you are looking for the best high-end product on the market in terms of comfort, safety and reliability, ... Here it is!

In search of excellence

These systems' control box is located in a cabinet on the top floor. This provides greater architectural freedom, with fewer limitations in terms of location and lift availability.

In addition, Mitsubishi is renowned for pursuing excellence in everything it does, for fully complying with regulations and for putting the safety of its systems and its workers first. How wouldn't we feel identified with them!

#Nexway-S (GS5L3)Nexiez MR (GSXL3)Nexiez-MRL (GQXL3)Nexiez-S (GQSL2)
1Load2.500 Kg1.350 Kg1.600 Kg450 Kg
2Speed2,5 m/s1,75 m/s1,75 m/s1 m/s
3Travel150 m120 m80 m30 m
5No machine room

The secret: a good maintenance

Mitsubishi systems are extremely delicate; therefore, their maintenance cannot be left in anyone's hands. Count on FAIN for this task!
Our technicians are endorsed and are continuously trained by the Japanese multinational, and they will provide you with access to the brand's original parts.

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