FAIN & Mitsubishi Spiral Escalators

From our commitment to technology, functionality, elegance and aesthetics has arisen the spiral escalator, which is unique in the world.


Visual effect

"When located at the entrance, these escalators direct the visitor's eye towards the interior: they draw elegant arches that allow enjoying different perspectives and creating spaces never seen in Europe until now. The first visual effect is impressive, and they enhance the building.

Beyond aesthetics, their main advantage is that they occupy less space than standard escalators, allowing to reach heights of up to 6.60 metres."


Mitsubishi, our best partner

S"If you are dreaming of getting a spiral escalator, go with FAIN! We are exclusive distributors of Mitsubishi escalators in Spain and Portugal, and we are able to deliver the thoroughness and exclusivity offered by the Japanese multinational.

These escalators are the best product currently available in its category on the market in terms of comfort, safety and reliability. Would you like to try it?"

Want to know more?

Download the Mitsubishi catalogue