FAIN & Mitsubishi Moving Walkways

Do you want to multiply pedestrian traffic in a modern, safe and comfortable way? The best alternative is a moving walkway. Its use has increased exponentially in recent years, and we are not surprised!


Horizontal or inclined

"At FAIN we install Mitsubishi walkways that are based on the technological advances of Type J escalators. They are available in a maximum width of 1,400 mm and in lengths of up to 120 metres, combining one or more motors.

In addition, they can be arranged horizontally or inclined at a maximum angle of 12º, depending on the architectural needs."

Pasillos móviles J type M walk① (en detalle)

Where we are

Airports, train stations or long connections between metro stations. These are some of the places where you remember having seen moving walkways, right? As it happens, the walkways in Malaga Airport are ours.

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