FAIN & Mitsubishi Escalators

FAIN has the exclusive distribution of Mitsubishi elevators and escalators in Spain and Portugal.

Millions of users use our escalators daily at airports, stations, shopping centres and hospitals around the world.

FAIN’s escalators use much more resilient models than the competition, and they are backed by Mitsubishi’s brand quality and cutting-edge technology.


The best product and the best care

"FAIN, as the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi escalators in Spain, offers you the most resilient product on the market, as well as a technical team especially trained to offer you the best care.
Unlike lifts, no public authority is responsible for the frequent inspection of escalators. The responsibility for its good condition and proper operation lies with the owners and the maintenance company.

At FAIN we inform you in due time and form, so your escalators comply with regulations. In terms of safety we are always a step ahead of what is required. Remember that we work with the target of Zero Accidents!"


We help you find the best option for you

Do you want a sales technician to advise you on your project with no strings attached?


Where we are

Have you ever visited Malaga Airport, Valencia Metro station or Príncipe Pío Shopping Centre in Madrid? If so, you've probably been on one of our escalators!

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1 Height to be reached 10 m 20 m
2 Speed up to 0,5 m/s 0,75 m/s
3 Slope angle 30º - 35º 23,2º - 27,3º - 30º

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