Escalators and Moving Walkways

As the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi escalators and moving walkways in Spain and Portugal, we are able to offer a robust and high-tech product backed by this internationally renowned brand.

FAIN Ascensores boasts the exclusive distribution of Mitsubishi escalators and walkways in Spain and Portugal. These three products are the best mobility solution in large spaces where there is a high-traffic of people. In fact, a large number of airports, train and metro stations, shopping centres and hospitals have already trusted their systems to us.

FAIN’s escalators and walkways use much more resilient models than the competition, and they are backed by Mitsubishi’s brand quality and cutting-edge technology. In terms of safety we work with a target of zero accidents, and we are always a step ahead of regulations.

Our partnership with the Japanese multinational enables us to provide you with the most resilient product on the market, as well as a technical team especially trained in its maintenance and repair. Our technicians are subject to constant audits by Mitsubishi and are regularly retrained.