ION Solar Lift - 100% clean energy with all the features

Solar panels achieve the unthinkable: a zero-emissions and environmentally (and pocket) friendly system.

Solar energy, our ally

"Spain is one of the places in Europe with most hours of sun per year. With the aim of making the most of it, at FAIN we decided to create ION Solar. This smart lift does not emit CO2 emissions into the atmosphere because it is self-sufficient: it produces its own energy when it goes down loaded or up empty, as well as by means of its solar panels, which are installed at the top of the building.

Please note that solar panels have reduced gradually in size, and can now be installed anywhere. Furthermore, they are very affordable and can generate and accumulate much more energy than before. Check it out!"

Did you know that solar panels have progressively decreased in size and price?
Nowadays, they can be installed anywhere, at a very competitive price and with a much higher energy generation and storage capacity than in the past.

More benefits of ION Solar

Las ventajas de instalar ION Solar son innumerables. Si quieres conocerlas con más detalle, te invitamos a descargar el catálogo del modelo más 'inteligente' y sostenible de ION.

Save with ION

Discover the consumption of the different types of lift on the market and reduce your bill as much as possible with ION (average consumption of a six-passenger lift)

Access configurator

Customise your ION SOLAR

We have created a lift configurator that will allow you to visualize your dream elevator even before you buy it - don't miss it!

More benefits of ION Solar