Ensure everyone's accessibility with lifts and vertical platforms

We offer a wide range of vertical lift models and platforms that eliminate architectural barriers and improve accessibility to all types of buildings; they are ideal for facilitating access to wheelchair users.

A vertical lift is a technical aid that helps reach short but pronounced differences in level, such as access stairs to a home or an establishment. For professionals in the sector, a vertical stairlift is undoubtedly the most comfortable accessibility solution for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility who have difficulties going up and down stairs (in many cases, it even incorporates a folding stool inside).

Each vertical lift is designed for specific needs. For example, the size and distance to be reached by hydraulic vertical lifts are smaller than in electric lifts, achieving a more economical installation and maintenance.

At FAIN we know that each customer is different. This is why we commit to analysing your needs and your buildings’ characteristics with the aim of offering you the vertical lift solution that best suits you.


Vertical platforms

They are the ideal solution for the elderly and wheelchair users. They incorporate a base installed on the wall using one or two rails. Vertical platforms allow reaching heights of up to 3 metres, but, unlike the more compact stairlifts, the latter require minimum space dimensions and a power outlet to be installed.


Vertical lifts

The only difference with respect to the ones above is that vertical lifts, in addition to a platform, incorporate small open walls at the top to safeguard passengers.


The law is on your side

Did you know that following the reform of the Spanish Horizontal Property Act in 2011 brought new rights for users and new obligations for communities of owners? According to the new wording of this regulation, the latter must carry out the works required to guarantee the property's complete accessibility, provided that anyone over 70 years of age or with an accredited disability resides in any of the homes. If you are one of them, take a look at this legal text!


Do you need maintenance?

It is not mandatory by law, but it is highly recommended. Preventive and corrective maintenance allows detecting and anticipating possible breakdowns, lengthening the system's service life and ensuring the safety of its users. In addition, if you contract its maintenance with FAIN, we guarantee going to repair the malfunction on the same day, which means that your system will be available the maximum time possible.

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