In a connected world, how can your elevator not be connected too?

Discover the different digital services we offer to make your life easier and bring your elevator into the 21st century.

Technology is part of our daily lives and also of our digital elevators. Therefore, if you want to renew and contract the maintenance of your equipment, we recommend installing an M2M (Machine to Machine) line in your elevator , increasing the safety of all users and achieving a connected elevator, which will allow you to enjoy a series of services such as information and entertainment content, real-time monitoring of the status of your equipment (thanks to telemetry) and contactless calls from your mobile terminal. p>

Connect to the world from your digital elevator and enjoy all the advantages offered by a smart elevator. Because the future is already here, designed to offer a much more pleasant experience for passengers. At FAIN, we have developed a series of digital services that, in addition to guaranteeing the safety, durability and energy efficiency of your equipment, are designed to connect people with each other and also with all the latest news.

Yes If you want to know more about how to convert a digital lift into a digital lift or improve certain aspects of your lift in your neighborhood community, here is a series of digital services that range from the On Call system, access to the portal of clients, digital screens or digital line for greater security.

¿Qué son los ascensores inteligentes y digitales?

Un ascensor inteligente es aquel que incluye elementos tecnológicos visibles para el usuario a modo de interfaz e invisibles que afectan al funcionamiento diario del dispositivo. Estos elemento se sitúan en puntos de acceso como las puertas de entrada o en los vestíbulos de los ascensores. Esta tecnología, que incluye pantalla táctil e información sobre el comportamiento de los viajeros, es un eficaz sistema de software capaz no solo de determinar la ruta óptima a cualquier lugar del edificio, sino también de memorizar hábitos y aprender cómo se mueven normalmente los usuarios individualmente.