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Lifts / 9 May 2022

Discover ION: the new FAIN lift that comes with everything standard

Characteristics of the ION lift by FAIN

At FAIN we are very proud to present you ION, a new elevator that does not need a machine room and with which we have achieved unsurpassed levels of comfort, reliability and savings energetic.

The miniaturization of all the elements of its machinery leaves more room for passengers. For this reason, we have worked on more spacious, bright and modern cabin designs, and on avant-garde keypads with the latest technology. Without a doubt, we have created the best electric lift in its category. ION belongs to another generation (“The Next Elevator Generation”).

What are the advantages of using the FAIN ION lift?

A new traction system

We have replaced conventional steel cables with polymer cables with a steel core. This new material allows us to use traction pulleys with a much smaller diameter, considerably reducing the size of the motor and therefore energy consumption.

In addition, the use of non-metallic elements in the traction system reduces the consumption and noise, and increases considerably the durability of all the components. Therefore, and thanks to its unique traction technology, we have achieved the quietest and most vibration-free elevator.

Safety and peace of mind plus that demonstrable

  • Greater comfort. By eliminating conventional metal cables, we get a smoother and quieter operation.
  • More security. A battery-operated rescue system with electronic speed monitoring enables fast and safe rescue of passengers in the event of a power failure. At the door, a system of infrared beams acts as an invisible security curtain. When an obstacle interrupts this elevator light curtain, the system reopens the door quickly.

  • More reliability. A gearless machine (with gearless technology), with a fewer moving parts, reduces wear to a minimum and increases the durability of the components. All the ceilings, push buttons and shaft lighting in the ION are built with LED technology. Remember that LED lamps last up to 20 times longer than conventional bulbs and consume much less energy.
  • More precision. The reduced elongation of polymer cables compared to conventional metal cables, as well as the use of a closed-loop frequency inverter, provide stopping with exceptional precision. In this way, tripping is avoided when entering and exiting the cabin.
  • More speed. We have reduced downtime to a minimum. The ION starts up faster, approaches the plant in less space and opens the doors immediately, significantly improving travel times.

Energy saving and ecology

Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental pillars of FAIN’s philosophy. For this reason, ION is the most ecological device of its kind: it does not have oil and does not generate any type of polluting waste.In it we have brought together a wide range of clean technologies and low energy consumption.

We have eliminated the paint of practically all the mechanical elements. And in addition to using LED lamps, the cabin light turns off automatically when it does not detect the presence of people, thus saving more than 95% of the energy it would consume. As a matter of fact, ION activates its “Stand-by” mode automatically when its service is not requested for an extended period of time. That is, it turns off its main elements in order to reduce its consumption to a minimum.

Our cabin doors are equipped with permanent magnet motor, which also significantly reduces the power consumption of this element.

Furthermore, with the energy regeneration system ION2 drive (an optional element), the elevator achieves the highest classification in energy efficiency ( “A”, according to the ISO 25745 standard).

Space saving

Thanks to the miniaturization of all the elements of the machinery, we have achieved without modifying the existing gap 35% larger cabin. Thus, the capacity is expanded from 4 to 6 people. In other words: ION makes it possible to install an elevator where it was previously impossible or to replace the current elevator with another with a greater capacity. In addition, we have reduced the size of the machine by 70% and its weight in half.

Cabin design

The elevator is a key element in the aesthetics and category of a building. That is why at FAIN we have taken special care to design modern and elegant booths, and greatly designed button panels , equipped with the latest technology. You can choose between three decoration lines with different styles and three ranges of finishes:

  • Model Comfort
  • Model Elegance
  • Model Elite

Want to see what your elevator could look like? Design it to your liking in our booth configurator.

FAIN 360º connectivity

The FAIN ION is equipped with a 7-inch TFT screen that provides passengers with information about the status of their elevator and about the maintenance service we are providing. Of course, the FAIN 360º Connectivity system is in continuous communication with our Customer Service Center and our technicians, who they control the operation of the elevator 24 hours a day.

The human team

FAIN’s success is based on commitment of all workers with values It is about business and the culture of excellence. Our technical team is made up of specialized personnel with in-depth knowledge of the sector. This allows us to choose the most appropriate technical solution based on customer needs, technical requirements, specifications of the current regulations, the type of use of the equipment and architectural limitations.

With the launch of ION, we seek to improve the quality of life of our users, making their journeys faster, more comfortable and safer. In addition, how could it be otherwise, our new elevator is committed to environmentally friendly technology and its installation involves, without a doubt, the revaluation of the building itself.

It is, without a doubt, a model that is part of a new generation of elevators . “The Next Elevator Generation” is here, and at FAIN we will be happy to tell you all the details about it. Are you joining the new generation?

Contact us if you have any questions

If you want more detailed information about the ION, contact us. Our team will be happy to give you the information you need! You can call 914 093 101 or send us an email to [email protected].

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